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Server Youth


Server Youth and Sports Club was established in 2016 with the mission of providing benefits to humanity by having activities for the formation of a happy and peaceful world. Our club’s primary target group consists of all the individuals particularly the children and the youth.

We aimed to contribute to the growing up discreet individuals with the following characteristics:

Fair, knowledgeable, skillful, faithful, good and beneficial.

Knowing the reason for being and understanding the common virtues such as the affection, wisdom, justice and high morality.

Internalizing these virtues and reporting them to the others.

Having inner peace.

Being physically, mentally, and socially and healthy and strong.

Having the knowledge for today and getting up to date for tomorrow's requirements.

Being educated, generalist and highly skilled.

Being open to change, improving themselves and constantly changing for the better.

Having the ability of thinking critically and analytically to be aware of the real aspects of the events.

Being able to make conscious choices in nutrition issues concerning natural, halal and healthy food.

Being sensitive to the environment.

Providing service with affection for all beings.


Our club aims to bring the “Ufka Yolculuk (means Journey to Horizon in English) Knowledge and Culture Contest” to high levels both in its quality and the participation to it. So far, we have prepared examinations similar to central examination systems. 87,014 people participated in the competition on Ilmihal (Knowledge of Islam) in 2013, 174.399 people participated in the competition on Meaning of Holy Qur’an (Meal) in 2014, 264.929 people participated in the competition on The Life of the Last Prophet (pbuh) in 2015, and 360.000 people participated in the competition on Hadith in 2016.

We expect to have 1,000,000 participants for this year’s competition.

By bringing all sections of the society together with the last message of Allah, our goal is

to gain the pleasure of Allah,

to raise awareness and public opinion about reading and understanding Holy Qur'an,

to motivate the society to achieve the goal of the "read" order in Holy Qur’an of Allah,

to ensure the reading the meaning of Holy Qur’an in H.1438/M.2017

to encourage the people to apply the Holy Qur'an, which is the Word of Allah, in life.

The reading habit in our world is not at a desired level today. With our competition we also aim to train individuals who reads, thinks and steers their life with their knowledge. And also to contribute to our people's meeting with authentic sources to some extent.